Free Resources for Pediatric Health Emergencies

Learn about the different resources Minnesota Emergency Medical Services for Children has available for you at no cost.

EMS Providers

As an Emergency medical services (EMS) worker, you provide pre-hospital emergency medical care. You are the first one to care for a patient who is experiencing an emergency or trauma. When the person you are caring for is a child, things can quickly become complicated.

That’s why EMSC of Minnesota wants to support you with resources made specifically for these situations. They are available at no cost to you.


Working in the hospital is rewarding and challenging. When you encounter a child in an emergency, the stakes feel incredibly high, and the task can seem overwhelming. Children respond differently than adults to stress and trauma.

EMSC of Minnesota has you covered with specific resources for hospital emergency departments and pediatric emergencies. These are available at no cost to you.


Are you a daycare provider, a teacher, a coach, a school nurse, or other community members who work with children? It’s important to know what to do in case of an emergency. Of course, the first thing to do is call 911, but what else should you do?

EMSC of Minnesota has created resources to help you know how to handle pediatric emergencies while you wait for EMS workers to arrive.