Resources for the Community

Support for the Community

Often, it is members of the community who respond first when a child is injured. Whether you are a daycare provider, a school nurse, a coach, a teacher, or a parent, we have resources that can help you know what to do as you wait for EMS providers.

Injury Prevention/Safety

EMSC of Minnesota works to create awareness about the special needs of children in emergency medical situations. The following resources are available free of charge.

Pediatric Procedures for Emergency Care

  • This resource was designed to provide general instruction on first aid for common childhood emergencies.
  • These flipcharts are perfect for daycare centers, schools, parents, babysitters, bus drivers, and other community members who care for children!
Flip Card
Emsc Activity Sheets

Coloring Books and Activity Sheets

Would You Like Any of Our Resources?

All of our resources are available free of charge and can be shipped. Simply contact us to request the resources you want.