Become a Pediatric Champion!

What is a Pediatric Champion?

A Pediatric Champion is someone who is passionate about helping kids. EMSC of Minnesota relies on pediatric champions to ensure that all children and adolescents, no matter where they live or travel in our state, receive the best appropriate care in a health emergency.

You Don’t Have to Be a Doctor.

But you could be. Or you could be:

  • A Nurse
  • A Paramedic
  • A Police Officer
  • A Physician
  • An EMT
  • A Firefighter

As a Pediatric Champion, You Won’t Work Alone.

You will be part of a network of Pediatric Champions for EMS agencies and hospitals. We have developed the Peds Champion role to ensure there is a dedicated individual, or individuals,  identified at the local EMS agency or hospital who will represent pediatric interests and serve as an advocate for children by completing the roles listed below.

As Part of this Network, You Might:

  • Coordinate pediatric-specific activities
  • Help develop protocol and policy that prioritizes pediatric care
  • Champion current pediatric care guidelines
  • Facilitate pediatric continuing education
  • Improve processes through pediatric run reviews
  • Promote pediatric safety and prevention events and programs in the community
  • Use data to improve pediatric care focused efforts
  • Make sure that providers and are prepared and well trained for pediatric calls
  • Ensure providers have the equipment they need to give children the care they need
  • Do community outreach to share the vision of EMSC
  • Build relationships with other Peds Champions
  • Promote family-centered care at the EMS agency or hospital

What the HECC is a PECC?

Learn what a Peds Champion/Peds Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) is and why it is important to have one at your EMS agency or hospital.

Start Making a Difference in Children's Lives

Our team at Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Minnesota can help with the resources you need to become a pediatric champion.