Resources for EMS Providers

Support for Emergency Medical Services Providers

We are proud to be a part of the incredible history of EMS. We share many of their goals, while focusing our efforts on the safety and well-being of the children in emergency situations. With that in mind, we have created several resources to aid EMS providers who encounter children in their work.

These Children are Often:

  • Afraid
  • Unable to communicate clearly
  • Unable to understand what we need from them
  • Overwhelmed by sensory overload
  • Uncommunicative due to autism spectrum disorder or other special needs
  • Not native English speakers

We want to get tools into the hands of EMS providers to help them better communicate with children and help them remain calm, even in a high stress situation.

Pediatric Surge

Pediatric surge is unique due to the specialized equipment and resources needed for pediatric patients. MDH has identified the need for more pediatric education, training, and a Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan to ensure our state is capable of responding to a statewide pediatric surge disaster.

EMS Communication Aid

  • These cards are a communication tool designed for children who are non-verbal, young, or ESL
  • The aid uses Tobii Dynavox Picture Communication Symbols┬« (PCS), a series of universal pictures to communicate
  • The pictures range from the emergency scene to the hospital experience
Ems Comm Cards

Pre-Hospital Pediatric Guidelines

  • These guidelines have been developed to assist the local medical directors with creation of pediatric guidelines for their service(s)
  • As guidelines, they are designed to comprehensively cover the potential spectrum of scope of practice for BLS/ALS providers

Pediatric Vital Signs Card

  • This reference card includes the normal pediatric vital signs and the pediatric assessment triangle (PAT)
  • It is available in a badge or pocket size
Pediatric Vital Signs Card

Would You Like Any of Our Resources?

All of our resources are available free of charge and can be shipped. Simply contact us to request the resources you want.