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Support for Hospital Emergency Departments

It’s essential that your Emergency Department is just as ready for a child to be rolled through your doors by EMS as it is for an adult. Because children have different vital signs, fears, and ways of communicating, we have prepared free resources to help you successfully treat children during an emergency.

National Pediatric Readiness Project

Find out if your facility is ready for a pediatric patient! Learn all about the national assessment, how MN ranked—and obtain lots of resources to better care for kids. 
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Pediatric Surge

Pediatric surge is unique due to the specialized equipment and resources needed for pediatric patients. MDH has identified the need for more pediatric education, training, and a Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan to ensure our state is capable of responding to a statewide pediatric surge disaster.


Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department

You can download a PDF of the updated checklist HERE.


Clinical Best-Practice Guidelines for Health Professionals

Children’s Minnesota has created a number of clinical practice guidelines for health professionals that highlight an evidence-based approach to the management of certain conditions in order to reduce unwarranted variation in care.

Guidelines are designed to apply to the bulk of patients with a given condition and should be adapted to individual patients based upon clinical judgment and individual situations. To assist providers with real-time decision making, most of the clinical guidelines consist of visual treatment algorithms/pathways, evidence-based order sets, bibliographies and any applicable rules/alerts embedded within the electronic health record.

Guidelines complete list


Emergency Department Preparedness Additional Resources

EMSC works to create awareness about the unique needs of children in emergency medical situations. The following resources are available free of charge.

ED Communication Aid for the Hospital Setting

  • This was designed for children who are non-verbal, young children, and ESL children.
  • The aid uses Tobii Dynavox Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS), a series of universal pictures to communicate.
  • Based on our EMS Communication Aid resource, we created an ED Communication Aid for the hospital setting in the same design.
  • The pictures range from the hospital to home.
Ems Comm Cards
Pediatric Vital Signs Card

Pediatric Vital Signs Card

  • This reference card includes the normal pediatric vital signs and the pediatric assessment triangle (PAT).
  • It is available in a badge size or pocket size.

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