FREE TRAINING: Heartland EMS for Children Coalition (HECC) Virtual Pediatric Symposium on Provider Resilience

May 25th from 6:30-9pm CST

Provider Resilience: Coping with Child Death & Other Trauma

In health care, trauma is part of the job. We now know, however, that coping poorly with traumatic work experiences can affect our own quality of life, our families, and even the longevity of our careers. In this practical presentation, you will learn skills for healthy coping and how to develop the resilience that will carry providers through a lifetime of service. Speakers will address ways to help patients’ families and your team deal specifically with child death, as well as useful tips on managing the variety of other “worst days” we encounter as health care providers. Registration is free and open to all. *There is a new process for obtaining continuing education for all providers so please follow instructions after registering.

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