Happy International Women’s Day!

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Ems Womens Day 2024 Pg2

On this day of celebration, EMSC would like to thank ALL the amazing women who make a difference every day for children in Minnesota. BIG thanks to our female first responders, EMS professionals, hospital-based professionals, nurses, physicians, and so many other disciplines involved in pediatric emergency care!

Today, we want to acknowledge ALL the women on our EMSC Advisory Committee team, especially our FAN (Family Representative), Melissa, who has been our incredible FAN for over 12 years. She has presented at various events, co-chaired the Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project Toolkit, consistent strong advocate for CYSHCN (Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs), and helped create communication cards for EMS, just to name a few things. Additionally, Melissa is the author of Who Cares? The Real Patient Experience, which takes you through the broken parts of the healthcare system from the viewpoint of a teen mom and her son with complex medical needs and intellectual disabilities over 2 decades. It highlights the importance of family-centered care and shines a light on the importance of FANs.

Who Cares? The Real Patient Experience” can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Presentations that feature Melissa – Pediatric Experiences from the Past Year and Future Solutions (youtube.com) and FAN Toolkit — Best Practices (2nd of 2 parts) (youtube.com)

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